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New York City Personal Injury Law Firm

This client came to us after having two frustrating experiences with two prominent US based lawyer marketing specialty firms over the course of a few years.

The firm wasn’t seeing enough traffic, new inquiries and organic rankings both in Google Maps (which was not in the top 20) and their organic rankings.

As a result, they turned to us and never looked back.

Since 2021, the firm has seen unprecedented amounts of Google rankings organically achieving multiple top 3 rankings in Google Maps for the first time in the history of the firm.

They also saw the largest amount of traffic in the history of the firm since switching to us.

The Rest of the Story

Prior to working with us, the firm had never experienced the power of being in the ‘Google 3-Pack’ – or the Top 3 rankings in Google Maps.

They had not even penetrated the top 20 up to that point.

Within 125 days of working with us, they not only broke through the Top 10, but they achieved multiple Top 3 positions – including a #2 placement for “NYC personal injury lawyer”, which gets about 5,400 searches per month at an average CPC (cost-per-click) rate of almost $150!

That makes this organic Google Map ranking extremely valuable to this law firm!

In addition to a strong Google Maps presence, they also saw their first two featured snippet results – including this appearance for “NYC slip and fall lawyer” as show here.

Featured snippets like this overtake all organic rankings – including Google Maps results.

Just this one keyword carries over 390 searches per month with an average CPC (cost-per-click) of nearly $200.

We don’t stop there! After we get you to the top, we strengthen your position by expanding keywords!

In terms of overall organic rankings, this law firm has seen all-time record numbers of website #1 and Top 5 placements for personal injury and related terms in New York City.

Actual rankings:

#1 Placements: 11

Top #2 Placements: 25

Top #3 Placements: 40

Top #5 Placements: 45

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